A game to fall in love with nature and learn while playing!

3, 2, 1 GO!!

Come with me if you want to #savetheplanet. Discover in what team are you?

Are you an. #XTEmporium dude or an #EcoMasters?

Do you know about #ecofriendlyliving ??

We are all connected, you, I, them! Discover the Mystic Spirits behind the perfect balance of nature... but then, wait... is Science good or bad? shhhh too much talking? thinking? no-spoilers, right.

We promise instant fun! It will be "Realistically magic"

We'll keep you updated through our social media.

And yes, at the moment we are working with no external support or funds, you can encourage us here:

If you are an Environmental organization we'd love your feedback, please do get in touch.

If you are a Master-casual-gamer who'd love to test this earlier, also do get in touch. We love our audience, we do this for them.

Core pillars of the game

we will generate core pillars of the game


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